About the Abyss

Well, I can be a very intimidating person. I really try not too, I swear, but it weeds out boring people. The name Cupcake Abyss is actually a random name generated by Playstation when I was registering for an account, and I felt it really does sum me up. Mostly void & partially frosting. Lately I’ve been trying to stop passively thinking about creating art, and actually dedicating time to it. I have so many journals, sculptures, and sketchbooks that sit collecting dust with things I can’t do anymore. I suck at it, because I let it drop. I stopped drawing, painting, and just doing the things that make me, me. I have ideas that sit festering in the back of my mind and frankly I’ve been too afraid to go back to them.

It’s a strange fear; a small nagging fear that leads into apathy and then neglect. Steven Pressfield describes this as the Resistance in his book The War of Art. The book sounded like some BS self-help rhetoric, but has actually been one of my favorites to go back to and reread as well as give out to my friends. He describes resistance as a force like gravity trying to pull you from what you are supposed to be doing. The stronger the resistance: the more important the work. I’m not a writer, scholar, or anyone who’s going to be shaking up the art world, but I’ll be doing the things that give me joy and that’s enough.

This is me putting my ideas out, one by one, in the sunlight to see what grows.