The First Night We Had Met

I hadn’t realized how much I missed you

Until I’d seen you for the first time

I want you in my body

I need you in my mind

Some talking; some bullshitting

Doubt floods my mind

What I as I thinking

A flirt/ a flatterer

You do this all the time

I’ll make this easy

Somehow I know how to say what will hurt the most

Caustic words my only weapon

Voicing fears from deep in your mind

What a horrible power we share

Once you’ve gone my body starts to live

I hadn’t realize that I’d died

Blood that had stopped

Now flows sharply in my veins

Breath that was shallow

Now floods my chest

Needles piercing my every cell

I wonder if that was best

Watching those taillights

It’s over now

Once again I’ve failed

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